Level 3 Service

Level 3 Service at Pedall

£100.00 - £130.00*

Things are starting to get serious. In the level 2 service we will check over your bike to ensure everything is safe and correctly torqued. Inspect your brakes and drivechain for wear and make basic adjustments where required. We also carry out basic wheel truing. We will remove and degrease  your entire drivetrain. Re-install your drivechain components, lubricate. We will also bleed both brakes carry out advanced wheel truing including wheel tension reports, remove and clean your forks and headset bearings. If any extras are required we will contact you first. 

Pedall Workshop

Whats Included?

🔴 Visual Inspection
🔴 Bolt Check
🔴 Brake Inspection and Test
🔴 Drivechain Check
🔴 Wheel Check and Basic True
🔴 Remove and Degrease Drivechain
🔴 Drivetrain Wear inspection
🔴 Lubricate Drivetrain
🔴 Brake Bleed
🔴 Advanced Wheel Truing
🔴 Wheel Tension Report
🔴 Remove forks and check for wear
🔴 Remove headset and check for wear
🔴 Clean fork and headset

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*Prices not inclusive of Parts