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Booking In

Once we know the scope of the work needed we can arrange a suitable day to book you in. You can book a collection and delivery for you bicycle if it’s difficult to get to the shop. Alternatively, pop in and we can book your bike in face-to-face. Please be aware that bicycles that come into the shop by walk in, won’t necessarily be kept until space is available you may need to bring your bike back to us. This does mean you are only without your bike for a day or two though! (win)

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Wheel Builds

The eighth wonder of the world? Wheel building is an art in its own right. We love taking the 3 components that form a wheel a building it into something so fundamental to the bicycle.

How does it work?

  1. You choose your hub, rim and spokes for your new wheels, we are available to consult on what’s best for your needs, pop in for a coffee.
  2. We hand build your wheels on site in our wheel build lab.
  3. You pick up your wheels and ride away while everyone looks on with jealousy.